Haut-Rhin Coat of Arms

The 'Erbland' Surname
DNA Project


The DNA double-helix of deoxyribonucleic acid

Using the Y chromosome DNA test
for genetic matches between Erbland males

Haut-Rhin, Alsace
The Erbland Homeland



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en fran?ais

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Name: Mardon Erbland

Email: Erbland@Erbland.org

Time (EDT/EST):     2005-11-17 08:23 PM

Comments:  Bienvenue ! Voici le livre d’or du projet ADN Erbland. N’h?sitez pas ? nous faire part de vos commentaires ou messages concernant ce site ou le nom Erbland. Etant donn? que beaucoup de Erbland vivent en Alsace, n’h?sitez pas ? faire vos commentaires en fran?ais si vous le souhaitez. Cordialement, Mardon Erbland.

Name: Mardon Erbland

Email: Erbland@Erbland.org

Time (EDT/EST):     2005-11-17 08:47 PM

Comments: Welcome! This is the questbook for the Erbland Surname DNA project. Please feel free to leave comments or messages related to this web site and/or the Erbland surname. Since many Erbland's still live in Alsace, France, feel free to leave your comments in French if you so desire. Regards, Mardon Erbland

The DNA double-helix
of deoxyribonucleic acid
?  2005  M. J. Erbland

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